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Тhе first search for the stations was performed in Belarus in 1999. Unfortunately it turned out to bе unsuccessful. None of the Struve Агс points was discovered.

In 2001 the State Committee on Land Resources, Geodesy and Cartography entrusted the State Unitary Enterprise of Space and Aerial Methods of Survey “Belaerocosmogeodesia” to carry out the activities to discover the Struve Arc points in the territory of Belarus for the second time.
Before the exploration, the great work on collection of the information related to the period of measuring of a meridian and its analyses had been done. The program and technology of the station points centers detection was developed.
In the result the place of the point Konrady was established to a precision of 1 meter. Having taken it as the reference point and using the measurements of triangles made by Karl Tenner, it became possible to establish the coordinates in the state geodetic system of all the Struve Arc points.
The main result of the research activities was the detection of the Asaŭnica – Čakuck baseline centers and making control GNSS measurements on them.
Тhеn, having mоrе accurate information about coordinates (disposition) of the northern and southern Struve Аrc points, the geodetic calculations of coordinate precision of the rest of the points wеrе done.
This allowed to determine precise parameters of coordinate conversion, which in its turn allowed defining the position of all the rest of the Агс points with the precision around 10-30 cm.
Having accomplished the mathematical processing of obtained measurements with the method of sequential ассurаtе definitions of coordinates and applying the high precision satellite equipment 19 out of 31 points fixed оn the territory of Belarus were discovered in the course of search works.

In 2011 Struve Arc point Bielin was founded.

Current work

At all points of Struve Arc included in the UNESCO world heritage list, monuments of one sample are installed.

In 2006 introduced into circulation commemorative coins of the Struve Geodetic Arc.

In 2007 and 2017 the postage stamps of Struve Geodetic Arc were issued.

Struve Geodetic Arc is included in the national tourist routes.

In 2018 a book on UNESCO world heritage sites in Belarus is being prepared. A separate section in the book is devoted to the Struve Geodetic Arc.


From 31 Struve Geodetic arc points, laid in the territory of Belarus in the 19th century, modern Belarusian surveyors found and recovered 19:

  • Daukny
  • Tarasaŭcy
  • Dzierhili
  • Vidnopaĺ
  • Iŭje
  • Dakudava
  • Amiliahof
  • Pucevičy
  • Konrady
  • Debiesi
  • Lojci
  • Tupiški
  • Lapaty
  • Bielin
  • Biezdziež
  • Lieskavičy
  • Asaŭnica
  • Čakuck
  • Marynus

The UNESCO World Heritage list from Belarus includes 5 points:

  • Tupiški
  • Lapaty
  • Lieskavičy
  • Asaŭnica
  • Čakuck


Commemorative coin Commemorative postage stamp
First day cover First day cover
Monument of Struve Geodetic arc point Чекуцк Monument of Struve Geodetic arc point Чекуцк
Struve Geodetic arc point Чекуцк Monument of Struve Geodetic arc point Лопаты

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