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The Land Board is a national representative of Republic of Estonia in the Struve Geodetic Arc Coordinating Committee

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The Tartu Observatory was founded in 1810, and this point served as the origin for Struve’s all observations relating to the Arc. Struve used a point under the centre of the observatory’s cupola, which had not been preserved. During the restoration of the Tartu Observatory also the point was restored and monumented in 2002 with a 12 mm bronze marker and surrounding inscription bedded in the floor. Struve’s sketches and observation data were used for that purpose.

Endpoints of Simuna - Võivere baseline
The baseline Simuna-Võivere was situated in the fields of Avanduse and Võivere estates. The height difference between the endpoints of the baseline was 6.3 m and the length of baseline 4.5 km.
The baseline’s endpoint in Simuna is marked with a 1.90 m high granite monument in which the year of establishment 1849 is engraved.
The baseline’s endpoint in Võivere was considered destroyed, but in 2001 it was found during the GPS measurements. The monument consists of a limestone foundation of 204×204 cm on which there is a large round granite stone with a drill hole for the marker. In 2011 the Võivere endpoint was marked with a glass pyramid.


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