Fourth Coordinating Committee Meeting Vilnius Lithuania Sept

Struve Arc Coordinating Committee Meeting
The Struve Arc Coordinating Committee meeting Day I
Opening session
UNESCO World Heritage Objects in Lithuania, Asta Dirmaitė, Lithuania
Introduction to National Land Service, Saulius Urbanas, Lithuania
Overview of previous Coordinating Committee meetings resolutions, Saulius Urbanas, Lithuania

Session 1
National reports (National representatives: Lithuania, Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Moldova, Russian Federation, Sweden)
Session 2
The FIG History Group
Jim Smith, UK
Current Status of the Struve Arc Points in the Ukraine Area
Oleksand Marchenko, Ukraine
Precise Positions of the Observatory and Triangulation Station Belin Determined by
Geodetic Survey and Digging
Vitali Kaptüg, Russia, Dmitry Chadovich and Egor Gulidov Belarus
Švėkšna Baseline of Baltic Triangulation Chain: Historical Moments and Nowadays
Eimuntas Paršeliūnas, Lithuania
Toponomy Relating to Geodetic Signals and Stations
Fredrik Wennström, Sweden

The Struve Arc Coordinating Committee meeting Day II
Session 3
Historical Overview of Meridian Arc Measurements
Jüri Randjärv and Harli Jürgenson, Estonia
The Baltic Triangulation - Viipuri-Turku section 1830-33
Pekka Tätilä, Finland
Individual Countries between the Struve Arc in Latvia and Crete
Jim Smith, UK
Struve Geodetic Arc and its Impact on the African Geodetic Networks
Jānis Kaminskis, Latvia

Session 4
Heinrich Christian Schumacher Geodesist and Astronomer
Tõnu Viik, Estonia
Commemoration of Struve Geodetic Arc through Collectables
Arūnas Būga, Lithuania
Conclusion session
Resolutions. Any other business.

Sightseeing tour to the Struve Arc point MEŠKONYS, Geographical
Centre of Europe, historical capitals of Lithuania: Kernavė and Trakai.

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