Every point on the map shows a station point of the Struve Geodetic Arc. The coordinates are based on the Bessel ellipsoid and therefore not exactly correct referenced to the map.
A map with WGS84-coordinates should be built up while the countries are uploading their information.

Please note:

  • This map has been created by Google Maps. We do not take responsibillity for the correctness of the georeferenced maps. If you like to report an error, please write an email to the Webmaster.
  • Due to the behavior of Google Maps, only 100 points will be displayed on each map. By zooming in, previously hidden points will be added little by little.
  • Looking at the default zoom-level, the points seem to be placed incorrectly. By zooming in the points moove to the correct places. This is due to some (at the time) unknown error of Google Maps. We hope this will be resolved soon.


Greendot.png Point on UNESCO List of World Heritage Yellowdot.png Other found point
Reddot.png Status not known Browndot.png Point destroyed
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